Mysa Travel System

Mysa Travel System


Mysa Travel System


Chicco Mysa Travel System

The new Chicco Mysa travel system includes: Chicco Mysa stroller, Kory Air Plus car seat, adapters and carrycot.

The new Mysa stroller incorporates a modern and fashionable look with great practicality. Homologated from birth, its seat can be configured in both forward and rearward facing and it’s fully reclinable. Its wide seat, premium materials and cushioned wheels give babies all the comfort they need while being the stroller that doesn’t go unnoticed

The Mysa stroller can be used from birth up to 4 years, thanks to its one-hand fully reclinable seat.

You can easily change the seat facing to have the baby looking at you and adjust both handle and legrest.

You can easily fold the stroller with just one hand, revealing an extremely compact and light product (only 9 kg).

Practical and Comfortable: Mysa meets all the comfort that babies need: a wide seat with 5 point height-adjustable harnesses, shock absorbers and ball bearings in all 4 wheels, XL extensible canopy provided with peek-a-boo window, UV50+ and water resistant treatments.

Premium materials for a premium look: The Mysa design has been realized to stand out in elegance and style.

It’s provided with anodized coloured tubes, coated fabric details and coordinated premium fabrics to give you the look you love combined with the utmost benefits.

Cushy Hug is the new included accessory suitable for both Mysa stroller and carrycot, created in collaboration with the Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital.

Its shape is designed to give the baby comfort during strolls keeping a correct posture.

The insert comes with the Infant Positioner, an adjustable cushion that helps with the baby containment and avoids potential slidings when seated in the stroller.

The perfect accessory to always have with you that completes the Mysa system to always guarantee the baby’s wellness.

When used with the carrycot, Cushy Hug is useful since birth.

The structure helps the baby to mantain the correct airway alignement and, when adding the Infant Positioner, it gives the right containment of the body.

Cushy Hug can be used in the stroller to laterally contain the baby during the strolls and, if used with the backrest lifted and the Infant Positioner, helps the posture and avoids eventual slidings, while giving the baby a comfortable, soft and padded seat.

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