Pam the Penguin Sleeptrainer

Pam the Penguin Sleeptrainer


Pam the Penguin Sleeptrainer


Pam the Penguin Sleeptrainer from Zazu

Does your child wake up very early in the morning?

Sleeptrainer Pam shows your child when it’s time to stay in bed and when it is OK to get up.

Pam’s nightlight changes colour like a traffic light, to denote night, early morning and OK to get up.

A child does not have a sense of time. For a young child the day begins the moment they open their eyes, which can be pretty early (and tiring) for the parents. A sleeptrainer teaches your child with visual indicators when to stay in bed and when it is OK to get up.

Pam’s nightlight can stay lit the entire night or switch off automatically after 1 hour.  The brightness is fully adjustable.

Play your own songs and stories via the wireless speaker.

Different Colours:

  • Time to sleep: Pam’s nightlight is red. This means it is nighttime and you need to get some more sleep
  • Just a little longer: Pam’s nightlight is orange, meaning it is not much longer now: 30 minutes

  • Ok to get UP: Pam’s nightlight has turned green. It is OK to get up, you can now leave your room.

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