Ariella Cot and Compactum

Ariella Cot and Compactum


Ariella Cot and Compactum


Ariella Cot and Compactum Set

Ariella cot is made entirely out of Solid Timber with a cotton white monocoat finish, along with the back panel in clear acrylic. We love that they have wheels, so the units are easily movable!

Dimensions: 1396mm x 724mm x 900mm with two adjustable levels

Ariella compactum is made entirely out of Solid Timber with a cotton white monocoat finish.

Dimensions: 1100mm x 600mm x 900mm

**Cannot be flat packed or disassembled

The mattress is at addition charge . We suggest the Snuggletime Nanotect Easy Breather Mattress :

  • Nanotect is a special non-toxic application added to our Snuggletime Nanotect foam protects your baby ‘s mattress from dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi.
  • Nanotect has passed all the stringent Australian Laboratory Safety Testing Standards. Exposure to these allergens can set up an allergy sensitivity for life and by eliminating them from your mattress. Nanotect technology creates the healthiest sleep environment.
  • Ventilated foam mattress with full depth ventilation holes allows for air follow and temperature control.
  • Covered in breathable mesh.
  • Sids friendly product
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