Girl Attipas Shoes

Girl Attipas Shoes


Girl Attipas Shoes


Girl Styles Attipas Shoes

Based on kinetic & physio-dynamic tests of toddlers walking, these unique non-slip shoes ergonomically support infants first steps & thereafter.

Babies have the habit of sucking everything that passes his/her mouth.

Attipas outsole is made of 100% NON-TOXIC RUBBER (TBR). The socks (upper part) are 80% cotton, 17% spandex, 2% rubber yarn & 1% polyurethane yarn.

Attipas has passed the toxic and formaldehyde test from South Korea’s accredited institute. Attipas does not use any hazardous materials & adhesives.

Attipas guarantees baby’s safety.

Support baby’s first steps with Attipas.

We use a range of plants and materials to create our natural dye baby shoes.

Natural dyes do tend to fade faster than fiber reactive dyes but they have amazing wellness benefits and are hands down the most eco-friendly!

The ergonomic shoe designed for babies & toddlers that are so light weight and comfortable they won’t even know they’re wearing them!

Follow steps below to determine shoe size:

  • Place your child’s foot on a sheet of paper
  • Mark a line at the big toe and the back of the heel
  • Measure the distance between the two marks in mm
  • Use the size chart below to determine size


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Colour and Size

Ice Cream Pink Medium, Rockgirl Black Medium, Rockgirl Large, Rockgirl Extra Large, Endangered Fox Pink Medium, Endangered Fox Pink Large, Endangered Fox Pink Extra Large, Endangered Fox Pink Extra Extra Large