Essentials for Starting Solids

Essentials for Starting Solids

Search the internet and you will easily find a check-list for what products and essentials you need for your new-born baby.  But what happens beyond new-born essentials? We have some suggestions on which essentials are needed for starting solids for baby.

Starting solids is an exciting time for you and it’s great fun to see your baby’s different reactions to the various textures of food you offer them. It is a messy and exciting time for any family.

Baby and I suggestion for essentials for starting solids:

  • At this time, it is essential that you have a high chair that is easy for you to get baby in and out of, as well as affording baby a comfortable place to sit by themselves. Consider too, how easy it is to clean as there will be many spills along the way!
  • A well-fitted bib is another essential. Look for one that covers baby’s chest completely.  A waterproof silicone bib is a fabulous choice. Easy to clean and durable.
  • A soft and flexible spoon works best for baby’s delicate mouth
  • Bowl or plate that has a seal lid offer convenience in that you can prepare baby’s food in advance and still keep it fresh.

Baby and I Emporium has a selection of essential products to assist in your journey on starting baby with solid food.

We also carry a range of products that you can use when out and about. It is not always easy to find small healthy snacks for baby. We have all the easy to use travel containers to carry snacks and food in.

Please speak to your doctor/clinic before starting baby on solid food.

We invite you to let us know what products have worked best for you through leaving a message in the comments below. Or funny stories you have with starting your little one with food.

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