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Back to school baby and I

Parents, it’s that time of the year again – back to school!

Or maybe your little one is just starting. With so much planning going into your daily schedule – what you need to pack every day to provide adequate snacking, lunch and beverages for your little one – you can set your mind at rest with Baby and I Emporium.

Our Back to School Lunch Box Essentials will help you

Baby and I Emporium have all those essentials that you need, from leak-free water bottles to keep your little one fully hydrated through the day, to just the perfect insulated bags to keep food fresh and at the right temperature.

If your baby is going to creche we have the perfect selection of bibs, snack bowls, bottles, silicone feeding sets and cutlery here .

If your little one is starting preschool, check out our Marcus and Marcus range of fun lunch bags, snack kits and more here .

Back to school snack ideas

When packing lunch for your little one, consider lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Include simple proteins such as cheese, yoghurt, shredded chicken and beans.  To complete a balanced selection, make sure you also pack some whole grain crackers, muffins and bread. Dry worse or biltong to a nice snack.


Baby & I Emporium offers a unique experience as a Baby Boutique in South Africa. We hold a niche in the baby and children’s industry by providing the world’s premier shopping experience for expectant and new parents. From cots to travel systems to educational toys to nursery décor, we have an exclusive range to help you welcome your bundle into your life.

As a Premier Baby Boutique in South Africa, we focus on offering exceptional essential baby products and brands with attention to detail and providing quality items all delivered to your door.

We offer premium brands and products available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

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