Baby Winter Essentials

Baby Winter Essentials

Baby – It’s Getting Cold Outside!

Someone once said about winter  : “All you need are tea and warm socks.” However, when it comes to baby and winter, you’re certainly going to be needing much more! Especially when it comes to Baby Winter Essentials.

In preparing your newborn for winter, start with long-sleeved babygrow that fits really well.  Include socks and make sure that you have a well-fitting warm beanie to keep ears warm as well as mittens to keep baby’s hands covered and protected from the cold.

If you’re taking baby outside, be sure to cover baby’s stroller with a bunting bag and keep baby snuggled in a zip-up sweater or a Snug baby grow with feet and matching beanie, to keep baby warm, available in various colours from Baby and I Emporium.

Baby Winter Essentials  items to remember are :

  1. Babygrow, babygrow, babygrow! The top essential for baby during winter
  2. Socks and more socks
  3. Booties
  4. Mittens – be sure to have a good few on hand! Remember that babies always put their hands in their mouths and you don’t want baby to be wearing wet mittens
  5. Snuggly soft and warm beanie
  6. Swaddle or Sleeping bag

Even though winters here in South Africa aren’t that harsh, we do get some extremely cold days.  For that reason, it’s a good idea to know how cold is too cold for baby?  When your thermometer is reading single figures, or you feel that it’s too cold for yourself to be out and about, then you know it’s too cold for your baby.  Should you need to take baby out, make sure that they are not exposed to the elements for more than a few minutes at time.

Of course going out requires so much more to be taken along to ensure that you are fully prepared for all eventualities during those cold winter days and nights.  Whether you’re running to the shops or hopping on a plane, all parents will agree that a hands-free easy to carry and comfortable to use baby bag or backpack , is always going to win hands down!  Consider a nappy bag backpack with a generous size to fit everything you need, such as nappies, wipes, a change of clothing and your own items, without weighing you down. The bag should feel comfortable to wear without sacrificing your style. Additional considerations include a changing station or pad, wet bag, easy-to-use zips, pockets (insulated and uninsulated), easy access, size, and overall value.


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